Monday, January 21, 2013

January 7-11

Okay, so I did another push to lighten my proverbial gypsy wagon.  I did have a panic attack, but managed (with my wonderful husband's help) to push through it and redirect my emotions.  That being said, here goes the next few items on my log:

January 7: Humboldt State Tupperware Container.  This was the straw the broke the camels back this morning when I was working on cleaning out things.  The lid is missing (I'm sure it's hiding around here somewhere) and has not been together with the bottom of the container for several years.  There were some rusty screws in it that actually stained the container.  I will not forget the awesome time that I had and all the great friends that I made while I was an exchange student to Humboldt State University.  So, I let it go.

January 8: My first digital camera.  My aunt gave me her old digital camera back when I only dreamed of being able to afford one.  It was such a blessing to me and I loved taking pictures with it.  However, that was at least 7 years ago.  It was 5 mega pixels (pretty good at that time).  We now own a brand new camera with a whole lot more mega pixels that takes amazing photos.  I am donating my old camera as it still works.  Hopefully someone will be able to enjoy it.

January 9: An old green backpack.  The shoulder strap was half torn off, rendering it next to useless.  I hate to put things in the landfill, but I can't keep a backpack that doesn't function as a backpack.  Plus, I have several other backpacks that actually have usable straps.  (And have cute hello kitty on them!)

January 10:  My Computer Desk.  I looked long and hard for that computer desk to replace the one I brought with me from MN.  I wanted one with drawers and a compartment to hide the tower.  I was so happy to find it.  However, now that I do not have a functional desktop computer, I really don't need a desk.  I never use my laptop on the desk, preferring to sit on the love seat and use my laptop on my lap!  I have decided to give my beautiful desk to a good home and have posted it on my facebook.  Hopefully someone will want it and enjoy using it as much as I did.

January 11: My Desk Chair.  There is nothing wrong with this chair.  When we found this chair at the store on the floor I was so excited - but we had to drive to a different location to find one that we could purchase.  It is a very comfy chair and it was the replacement for the one that the kittens shredded.  I enjoyed sitting in it and playing MMOs with my husband.  However as I said above, I do not have a desktop computer.  If I don't need a desk anymore, I don't need a desk chair.  My friend Doug has said that he could use it for his Xbox chair.  I'm happy that it will be used by a gamer!

More to come! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 1-6

So, I'm a little behind on my New Year's resolution.  I'm going to try and catch up over the next couple days.  I am going back in time and start with January 1 for my letting go of one thing per day in 2013.

January 1:  Leopard Print Snuggie.  This was given to me as a gift because I was always cold at work. While I really appreciated the thought and enjoyed using it, I haven't actually used it in over 2 years.  As such, I am going to put it in the donate box. 

January 2: Chicken print cheese plate and knife.  Okay, so this was a little harder for me.  I love chickens and this cheese plate/knife is really cute.  This was given to me as a gift for the holidays a couple years ago and has never been out of the box.  I hope it goes to a home of someone else who will appreciate it. 

January 3: Box of random papers, etc.  I am very sentimental.  I want to keep every little note and card given to me.  The reason this one is going on here is because I barely looked at the papers and put the majority of them into our recycling box.  There were a couple things that I did keep, but at least 95% of that box is going to be recycled.

January 4: Masquerade style mask.  This was a mask that I modified so that I could wear it to a masquerade ball for Midwinter 2002.  Since then, it has not fared well through all the moves.  The stick detached and the feathers are looking bad.  I've been holding onto it thinking that I would fix the feathers and re-attach the stick.  But after all these years, it's obvious to me that I will not be doing so.  Plus, if I need a masquerade mask in the future, I can always buy a new one that doesn't look all bedraggled.

January 5: Box of VHS tapes.  It has been 4 1/2 years since a VCR was connected to a TV in our house.  These boxes have not even been opened since we moved into our house in September 2008.  Really, why keep them?  It's time for them to go.

January 6: VCR.  This VCR used to be Rusty's.  He had it in the dorm lounge in Pepperwood when it fell off of the shelf that it was balanced on and some interior part broke.  He was going to toss it, and I asked if I could have it.  I brought it back to ND/MN from CA and my uncle repaired it for me.  It still works to this day, but it hasn't been hooked up to a TV in 4 1/2 years.  Giving up my old VCR will not cause me to forget all the fun we had.

This is where I'm going to stop for tonight.  Tomorrow I will work on letting go of more things and log them in here.  We have a pick up scheduled with the Military Order of the Purple Heart for this Tuesday.  I scheduled for a pick up of 4-10 boxes/bags.   :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Resolution

“If one’s life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements.” - The Dalai Lama

I am a packrat... an accumulator... dare I say it.... a hoarder.  I attach emotions to things which causes them to have an inflated value.  For example, I have a pair of socks that I really loved to wear - so much so that they got holes in the heals and are no longer wearable.  But can I throw them out?  No.  Why?  Because they have a chicken print on them.  They were purchased in a little shop in Bethany Beach, DE when we were on a summer vacation with the Holickys - and it was after that vacation that my husband proposed to me.  Because of this, they hide in the bottom of my closet. 

This is madness!  If those chicken socks were thrown out, would I forget swimming in the ocean?  Would my marriage end?  Hell no!  And so I'm going to try to take the advise of the Dalai Lama and simplify my life.

A friend of mine posted to her facebook page that she was going to wage a war against clutter as her New Year's resolution.  This inspired me, so I thought I would try to do likewise.  So, here is my pledge:

In the fight against my nature to live in clutter, I am going to try and part with (toss/donate/recycle) one item from our house every day. For every new item that I bring into the house, I will have to part with one item.

To make this more of an adventure, I'm going to blog about my experience.  This blog is for me - I don't pretend that it will be of interest to anyone, nor do I expect to have "followers."  It's going to be my way to hold myself accountable to my pledge.  And at the end of the year, to have something tangible to look back on and see how far I've come.

Who knows - maybe I will get people following my blog.  Maybe I can inspire others to take a similar journey with me.  But what I do know is that my life will be happier.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is it dusty here or what?

So, I've decided to dust off my old blog and start using it again.  But this time, the subject will change.  More details coming soon!

Monday, December 3, 2007

4 feet of mischief

Ed 001
Originally uploaded by Chickens Amuck
New Photos have been uploaded. It's been a while since I actually transfered the photos from my camera to my flickr account. However, I think a certain Fairy Godmother will be unhappy with me if I don't upload them a little more often. As you can see, Ed has been getting bigger. Don't let his sweet and innocent looks fool you. I'm fully convinced that he's one of the kittens of the apocalypse.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Adoption Day

Kittens 170
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Today is adoption day for the little girls. I'm very happy that they are being adopted together and that they will have each other to play with and keep company for the rest of their lives. I'm also a little sad that I will no longer have them here. I'm taking a lot of pictures today of all of them, but especially of the girls. I know I will especially miss my little black fluffy purr motor.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're growing up!

Kittens 147
Originally uploaded by Chickens Amuck
I finally took the time to go through the camera and make sure all the photos were uploaded to the computer. Then I deleted the old ones off the camera so that I'll hopefully be more likely to keep up with my flickr additions. This is how the kittens were sitting this morning. I couldn't have asked them to pose better. From left to right: "Runt," "Ed" and "Makita." It's a good things Greg didn't want to sit in his chair this morning, as it was already occupied. Kittens go to the vet next Thursday. And as long as they pass with flying colors, then 2 of the three will be ready to go to new homes. I think "Ed's" going to be staying with us. I'll really miss the others when they go. They're all so loveable... even if sometimes they can be 'bad'.... Guess that just comes with being a kitten - the running around like crazies, getting into everything even when they aren't supposed to... yep... the toddler years. =)